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From Potential to Success

Welcome to Palmetto Bay Academy!

Palmetto Bay Academy provides a top quality educational alternative for middle and high school students who will benefit from a small, nurturing environment. Our program has a proven record of success with students who are not reaching their full potential in traditional public or private schools. We offer rigorous academics in a socially and emotionally supportive setting. All levels of instruction are available, from remedial to Advanced Placement. Our goal is to help students develop the academics, values, motivation, and self-reliance that will successfully prepare them for the future.

What Makes Us Special

  • Small class size (maximum 7 students)
  • Flipped Classroom Model
  • Challenging academic content
  • Untimed testing, test-taking skills
  • Curriculum customized to student's level
  • Study skills and organizational strategies
  • Long and short-term goal setting
  • Critical thinking, not memorization
  • Self-paced instruction
  • Accelerate learning or recapture credits
  • Nurturing, home-like environment
  • Field trips, clubs and enrichment activities
  • Community service projects

Miami Schools Fair & Conference

Delighted to be a participating school at the 4th Annual Miami Schools Fair & Conference, organized by BKB Moms! We look forward to connecting with families and the broader educational community. Visit for more information. #LetsTalkEducationMiami

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